You between two blurred lines . . . 

Communications can sometimes put you between two blurred lines. 

On one side, you want to provide value to your audience to create symbiotic growth.

They grow from the experiences and stories you share, and this hopefully turns into someone who feels nurtured so much that they want to invest in you.  

Then on the other side, you're also a small business, and like almost everyone on Social Media, you're a Coach in Branding, Marketing, or an Advertising Photographer, an aspiring Blogger or Influencer, etc.

The biggest challenge I keep hearing is "How to Market Your Talents in a World Saturated with Sales-y Gimmicks?". I get asked this a lot.

And every time someone new asks me this question, it becomes more apparent to me. People are tired of the "follow then unfollow" vapidness because it's not sustainable.

They are tired of the promises to "increase your revenue 400%"  which almost never follow through because none of these mass-produced models deal with the individual challenges. We all want revenue to do the things that make us feel wholesome (well, some us do).  So what can we do? For Real? 

In keeping things real for real, we also need clients, we need to spend hours reading hundreds of experts out there, going to seminars, webinars, networkers, including this very humble post, to keep ourselves informed. 

But do we really need to do all of this?

I can't deny the trend I'm seeing. People want Communications simple, if it ever has been, because it's language.

People want ethical relations because we all work hard to build our careers.

We also crave for a more sustainable Marketing and Advertising approach,  stripped down to its essential purpose of human connection, because the world is on fire and we don't know who to trust.

I know sometimes we get confused and desperate.

 We all want to feel like we have a purpose in life.

So we take the easy route.

One of the biggest pieces of advice I've heard recently was "Easy just happens, simple is planned, carefully curated, and well executed". (

Am I just another coach?

No, I'm not, but I do get quite a handful of clients who are coaches and leaders in their field. I love business development, and I help them with their brand vision development. 

I write this during my lunch hour, dissecting my notes from the meeting I just had, and I've come tho this conclusion: stay on task, be relevant, and concise.

Put your ear on the ground.  

HOW do you want to help? Who benefits, and what is the gratification that you wish to receive?  

Here are the most critical questions you need to ask yourself right now to start working on revitalizing your momentum:

1. If money were no object, what would you be doing?
2. If you could describe your ideal project, what would that be? What industry would you be working?
3. If you could design your ideal client, what traits would they have? 
4. What are you really into right now? This is something you've recently developed an affinity to, and you're intrigued or curious by this new thing.
5. What projects have you left overcooking in the back-burner?
6. What habits do you cultivate to help your business thrive?
7. What habits do you wish you could refine and why haven't you been able to?
8. Where do you see yourself in 6 months to a year?
9. What is the routine of this future YOU? Morning, Afternoon, Evening? Daily? Weekly? Monthly? 
10.  If you had to choose five core values of your brand, what would they be?

If you need help going over your answers and wish to bounce them off with us, click on the form below to give us your answers. We will reach out to you for a 30-minute consultation once we've reviewed them.

We hope this exercise has helped you clean out your creative cobwebs!